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Container Box Rapika 25

Packaging1,5 Dozen / Pack
Product Dimension43 cm x 27,5 cm x 24,5 cm

Rp 87,000

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Why Choose a Container Boxes Rapika 25 Using an Attractive Design and Made of Safe and Unbreakable Plastic Material and Various Color Options are Available.

CV Wahana Surya is a Plastic Household Furniture Factory such as Container Boxes Rapika 25 that are used to store your children’s toys or small furniture that you often use to keep your room neat and organized. By using an elegant design and attractive colors, it is very suitable for household decoration purposes or for decorating your business place. Container Boxes are made of plastic raw materials that are safe and not easily broken.

CV Wahana Surya is the most complete plastic manufacturer for household products, which has a partner in the distribution of household appliances in several big cities in Indonesia. Plastic factory that produces various colors of Container Boxes. CV Wahana Surya always prioritizes the most complete quality of household products and affordable prices because the CV Wahana Surya Plastic Factory also supports the business of plastic distributors and plastic suppliers.