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Triangle Rack Corner Shelf Stack 3

Packaging16 Set / Pack
Product Dimension48 x 35,5 x 50 cm

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Why Choose Deliplas Triangle Rack Corner Shelf Stack 3? With an Attractive Design and Made from Safe and Sturdy Plastic Material, as well as Available in Various Color Options.

CV Wahana Surya is a Household Plastic Furniture Factory, producing items like the Triangle Rack Corner Shelf Stack 3 used to organize and store your documents or letters neatly. With an elegant design and appealing colors, it’s ideal for household decoration purposes or enhancing the decor of your business space. The Triangle Rack Corner Shelf Stack 3 is made from safe plastic material that is not easily breakable.

CV Wahana Surya is the most comprehensive Household Plastic Factory, partnering with Distributors of Household Supplies in several major cities in Indonesia. This Plastic Factory produces a variety of colors. CV Wahana Surya always prioritizes the highest quality of Household Products at affordable prices, as the CV Wahana Surya Plastic Factory also supports plastic distribution businesses and plastic suppliers.

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